Living Cartoon Duet

Teaser 2018

April 2017, I’m on the phone with the art festival Les Arts’franchis (see page On Sides). They’re asking me to prepare a visual concert. Sweeeet! Small hitch: it must feature Don Quixote. It’s the central theme of the festival this year. Alright. I binge watch everything I can on that lunatic, wandering knight, but I cannot find anything that fits. Worse, I sometimes doze off in front of some of those silent films.

Full of despair, I turn to cartoons inspired by Cervantes’s character. Bingo! A short episode with Lucky Luke meeting Don Quixote makes me laugh. Better, I can already hear the soundtrack, the sound effects and overdubbed voices in my head. I reach out to the festival’s pool of comedians: Sophie Lavallée is keen. Our cartoon duo is born. As a skilled comedian, clown and singer, Sophie takes up the challenge of giving dialogues to those funny characters and creates hilarious sound effects.

Since then, our Living Cartoon Duet has wandered further away than Don Quixote himself. For this original concert movie, we perform each and every sound anew and live on stage: dynamic music, loony effects and daffy dialogues have already mesmerized diverse crowds.

Lucky Luke - Don Quichotte del Texas (2017)