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Solo : improvisation, composition


C. Chaplin :


The Circus, The Kid, Modern Times, Gold rush, A woman of Paris, A dog's life, City Lights, The immigrant, The vagabond

B. Keaton :


Navigator, Our Hospitality, Steamboat Bill Jr, Scherlock Jr, Seven chances, Battling Butler, One week, The Cook, Spite Marriage, Go West, College, The Cameraman

E. Lubitsch : Lady Windermares'fan, This is Paris, The Doll

S. Eisenstein : Strike, Hapiness

J. Sternberg : The docks of New Yorck, Underworld

W.F Murnau : Nosferatu


Chicago (Watkins), True heart Susie (Griffith), Show people (Vidor), The girl with the hatbox (Barnet), The Penalty (Lon Chaney), Adieu Mascotte (Thiele)

Music composed in June 2020.

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